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Slow panning on time-lapse videos.


Mar / 2012

When shooting a timelapse video to give a sped up effect - how can you produce a nice slow pan.

Getting Rid of Pesky Tourists.


Dec / 2011

It can be very frustrating when you've gone to some fantastic destination to photograph a particular tourist attraction, only to find that numerous other tourists have had the same idea and are busy clambering all over YOUR location, ruining your shot.

However, it IS possible to get that shot of a travel location in splendid isolation, all you need is a tripod, a little time and Photoshop (natch). ...

The Single-Flash Studio.


Jan / 2012

You're shooting a static subject, the ambient light is non-existant and you only have a single flash. How can you achieve a well lit image in these circumstances? ... Painting with light!